How It Works

Design KIKI, allow you to create unique and professional logos in just a few steps. You can choose to work on a template, we have more than 4000 of them or construct your own using our strategically designed editing formatting tools. It has beautiful fonts, vibrant colors, numerous symbols, icons, lines, and shapes for you to choose from. Follow these simple steps to create your logo within minutes:

1. Please enter your company name to select a template from our interdisciplinary range of over 4000+ templates.
2. If you choose to work with our templates, pick the one you like best and start putting in the details
3. Edit your logo using our full range of fonts, colors, lines, shapes, icons, etc.
4. Upon the completion of the logo designing process, make the one-time payment, to make it yours.
5. Save your vector logo in the format you want, and you are ready to roll!