This DESIGN KIKI License Agreement contains the terms by agreeing to which you obtain the rights to Content Templates produced through the technology available at DESIGN KIKI"

“By using any Content Templates, you agree that you have read and accepted the terms of this license. Please note that any terms not mentioned in this license, are defined in the DESIGN KIKI Terms of Use .”."

“We grant you a constant, non-exclusive, worldwide license to make use of Content Templates as described below.”

What can I do?

1. You can modify or manipulate the Content Template with the tools provided on the DESIGN KIKI Service, including to combine the Content Template with other works (including Your Content) to create your Customized Product. The Customized Product is subject to the terms of this license.

2. You have the right to adjust or manipulate the Customized Product and combine the Customized Product with other works, and by applying your skill and effort, create something unique and more extensive in scope. This End Product is also subject to the terms of this license.

3. Examples of End Products: publications, signage, packaging, websites, games, apps, presentations, online videos, films, TV shows, advertisements, posters, t-shirts, and other merchandise.

4. You are permitted to supply Products to the public, promote, display, issue and reproduce them in any form for all uses, subject to the terms and limits in this license.

5. You can create Products for a client, and this license is then transferred from you to your client. The terms of this license will bind your client.

6. You are liable to use Products for a commercial purpose, Sell the End Product, and make any number of replicas of the Products.

7. By “Sell,” we mean sell, sub-license or distribute for any fee or charge.

8. You can use the Customized Product for merchandising, which means an End Product where the principal value of the merchandise lies in the Customized Product itself.

9. You can make any number of End Products based upon a single Customized Product.

10. You may use a Product as part of a stylized/design trademark, as long as you have added a standard character trademark to it. However, we don’t imply that you will be able to obtain trademark protection in any country for any mark that you apply for based on a Content Template. This is because the Content Templates are made available to all of our users on a non-exclusive basis, and it’s conceivable that more than one operator could legitimately use a Content Template to make a very similar logo!

What can’t I do?

1. re-distributing a Content Template as inventory, in a tool or template, whether the Content Template is part of a Customized Product or not is unauthorized. You can’t re-distribute or make obtainable a Content Template or Customized Product as it is or with artificial modifications.

2. For example, you can’t allow end-users to customize and print their merchandise using the Customized Product via an online service, or sell copies of the Customized Product as part of a stock item or template.

3. You can’t make available the Content Template through an application or service to end-users on an “on-demand,” stock or inventory, “made to order” or “build it yourself” basis.

What can I do?

1. You can only use the Content Templates and Products for permissible purposes. You can only use the Content Template and Products under our Terms of use.

2. We stand by all rights not explicitly granted here. This means that any use of the Content Template is to be per the requirements of this license. You hold ownership of the content that you upload to the DESIGN KIKI Service (such as photos, images, or plain text words).

3. This license can be terminated if you breach it. If that occurs, you must stop making replicas of or issuing the Customized Product and End Product until you remove the Content Template components from it. This license can also be terminated only concerning the Customized Products and End Products to which a breach relates (rather than all products).


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