The idea behind DESIGN KIKI is to bring to its users a platform that is simplistic and inexpensive at the same time, helps them design beautiful logos with ease. It is the best site to give wings to your dreams and set them free without having to worry about expenses.

Design Kiki Intro

"Design KIKI is an online logo maker that allows a user to create eccentric and distinctive logos in just a few steps. Developed with over 4000+ handpicked, predesigned templates, it gives the user exclusive themes to choose from. Not only this, it has a profession and product-specific themes to make your logo designing experience as engaging and absorbing as possible. Its excellent tools consisting of exquisite fonts, a pallet of vibrant colors, interesting shapes, and lines, topped with beautiful icons, make the process easy on the eyes. So when DESIGN KIKI through with your logo, it will be in a class by itself."

Created By DesignKiki


At the moment, DESIGN KIKI is only a logo making tool developed to facilitate logo making to even those who do not have a graphics designing background. It digs the creativity hidden and present in each one of us and enhances and builds on it to produce professional logos for those who choose to work on it.Subsequently, we endeavor to achieve greater heights by building a platform for you that will deliver much more than logo making. We are working towards developing you a social media kit to make your social media presence constructive and purposeful.

In addition to this, we are also progressing in the right direction to help you create business cards and invitation cards, to name a few.

Our initiatives, however, do not end here; our experts are as busy as bees in creating other goodies as well. We also aspire to launch a website builder, and we also wish to take care of your marketing and branding needs so that you can pursue your dreams and put your right foot forward.

“DESIGN KIKI is a boon companion of start-ups and small business houses and extends its support by being the one-stop-shop for complete logo design and graphic solutions."


our team

Design KIKI brings under one formidable roof developers, designers, and resource persons who have aced global projects and are a master of their craft. These are people who have worked on over 15,000 projects and have designed more than 30,000 logos in a matter of just two years. They specialize in bohemian, vintage, and minimalistic styles.

We have delivered to and are still providing thousands of clients who have been kind enough to rate us. We are the proud recipients of 2000+ FIVE STAR REVIEWS. We believe in our power to provide quality services and have proved ourselves time and again.

Our specialists have worked with renowned personalities, small and big businesses in and around Canada, and the United States with particular emphasis on Texas.

Our Team


We are a renowned design agency running in America and, over our business years, have delivered professional-quality creative graphic design solutions to multiple clients with diverse backgrounds.

However, this has not been the most straightforward task. We had challenges popping up here and there. Going through thousands of emails regarding revisions, edits, and queries about their logos made it very tedious on our end. We realized that this must be equally tiresome for our clients as well.

This was when we had a EUREKA moment. We came up with DESIGN KIKI, an online logo making tool as a solution to these problems. It is a baby that we nurtured with utmost care and caution to make it the best in its field so that it works for the better of both ends and helps meet mutual goals of design, logo making, and much more.



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