15 Graphic Design Trends For 2024 (And How To Use Them)

Graphic Design Trends

Are you curious about what’s next in the world of design? As we gear up for 2024, graphic design is about to take an exciting turn. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the top 15 graphic design trends expected to rule the scene in the coming year.

But hold on, this isn’t just a rundown of what’s trendy. We’re here to do more than that. We’ll share practical tips and tricks on how to make these trends work for you. Whether you’re an experienced designer or just starting, we’ll help you understand 2024 graphic design trends and use them effectively in your projects.

This blog post isn’t just about naming the latest fads; it’s your guide to learning and mastering these design ideas. We’ll help you see how these trends can fit into your work, making it eye-catching and engaging in 2024.

Join us on this journey to discover new possibilities for your designs. By the end, you’ll know what’s ‘in,’ and you’ll be able to make these graphic design trends work for you.

Let’s explore together and get your designs ready for 2024 and beyond!

Explore Graphic Design Trends 2024

Here are 15 graphic design trends to watch in 2024.

Trend 1: Abstract Shape Masks

Abstract Shape Masks
Source: Freepik

Abstract shape masks are one of the most popular graphic design trends today. This offers a dynamic canvas for social media posts, flyers, merchandise, and various design elements.

Images are encapsulated within organic or geometric shapes to create a distinctive and cutout look.

As these masks can be adapted to diverse design styles, such as retro, elegant, or maximalist, they provide an opportunity for eye-catching visual communication that is innovative.

Trend 2: Eco-friendly Organic Designs

Eco-friendly Organic Designs
Source: Johnep Hernandezul

In recent years, brands that support environmental conservation efforts have noticed an emerging trend that caters specifically to these efforts.

The trend is characterized by rough typography and organic shapes, which reflect values such as forest preservation, ocean cleanup, and resource sustainability.

As a result of the earthy color palettes, which reflect nature’s hues, logos and packaging designs evoke the same vibe of environmentally conscious consumers. This encourages customer loyalty.

Trend 3: Maximalist Design

Maximalist Design
Source: Vivid

Maximalist design challenges traditional design conventions in a way that evokes brutality or anti-design. Due to their heavy patterns and structures, these designs are not immediately legible. Instead, they attract attention and generate curiosity rather than immediate legibility.

Maximalist elements are returning in poster design, streetwear apparel, and unconventional web design, indicating a departure from traditional design norms.

Trend 4: Trippy and Liquefied Fonts

Trippy and Liquefied Fonts

Currently, there are different types of fonts available on the market, including trippy and fluid. These fonts are suitable for merchandising, branding, posters, and many more.

Since these fonts are available on platforms like Kittl, they can be easily adapted to multiple design areas. This makes it easy to create captivating visual presentations. In addition to being easily integrated into retro, minimalist, and organic styles, they are also easy to use.

Trend 5: Pixel Art

Pixel Art Design

I would like to point out that pixel art is not only used for video games. Its use has also extended to the design of stickers, pins, and vintage merchandise.

Pixelated icons have become popular in titles, posters, and streaming platforms, creating evocative symbols and giving them an edge. Even virtual reality environments are created using pixel art. In addition to animation and illustration, it has been used in digital art projects.

Trend 6: Muted and Pastel Color Palettes

Muted and Pastel Color Palettes
Source: Tom Sarraipo

The return of soft or pastel color palettes shows how they can connect retro styles with modern graphic design trends sensibilities. Natural tones, with their subtle but powerful colors, have become popular again. Packaging, social media posts, and event flyers are timeless.

By combining old-fashioned charm with modern appeal, their designs bring back memories of the past but stay current.

Trend 7: Kitschy Retro Design

Kitschy Retro Design
Source: Freepik

With a combination of 80s retro nuances and brutalist elements, it creates a unique aesthetic. Using vibrant color palettes and great typography, it creates a visual language that is effective in social media posts, stickers, and branding. A modern, playful feel appeals to contemporary audiences rather than evoking nostalgia.

The kitschy retro aesthetic energizes the digital landscape while still maintaining its distinctive and charming appeal by combining bold, eye-catching elements.

Trend 8: Nostalgic Editorial Design

Inspired by vibrant vintage advertisements of the 1980s, the nostalgic editorial design seamlessly blends serif typography grace with a deliberate product focus.

Using this artistic approach, an era is captured in its emotional essence, creating a deep sense of nostalgia that connects deeply with the audience. A powerful tool in contemporary product marketing, social media campaigns, and eye-catching poster design, it goes beyond mere aesthetics.

This stylistic fusion honors the past but also harnesses its emotional power to connect with audiences on multiple levels. It transcends time and provides enduring relevance.

Trend 9: Retro Mascot Illustrations

retro mascot illustrations
Source: Freepik

The mascots, popular in the 1950s and 1960s, remain popular for logos, branding, and merchandise, despite being old-fashioned. His versatility is truly remarkable!

Retro Mascot Illustration Logos
Source: Freepik

People use them for their stuff, and big companies too. They make pizza boxes, clothing, and advertising materials that look great. They have this special charm that never gets old, making everything they’re on feel special.

Trend 10: Y2K Typography

Y2K Typography
Source: Designessense
Source: Harbor Bickmore

Since 2021, much has changed regarding Y2K. The font was originally blocky, but it has been updated to be elegant and functional.

A great trend for streetwear, branding logos, and selling cool merchandise. This trend combines futuristic looks with playful, fun designs.

Modern and practical, it’s suitable for today’s creative designs. People love it because it brings back memories and looks brand new and fresh.

Trend 11: Neo-Brutalism

Neo Brutalism Desgin
Source: Gumroad

Neo-brutalism, a style that evolved from UI/UX design, uses unusual colors and bold fonts like comic books. It’s great for branding and websites. This style adds attractive bits and pieces that make things dynamic and attractive.

It stands out because it’s bold and different, grabs people’s attention, and makes websites fun to use. That’s why many designers prefer it now.

Trend 12: Grunge Design

The grunge graphic design trends create cool effects like displacement and ink stamps, adding texture to drawings and words. It’s great for making merchandise, posters, and packages look raw and special, especially on cardboard or boxes.

This trend gives a rough but awesome vibe, making designs stand out and feel more real. It’s like adding a unique touch to projects that catch the eyes and make things look genuine and cool.

Trend 13: Minimal Utilitarian Design

The minimalist utilitarian design blends black and white visuals with simple shapes and geometric typography that look as clean as the buildings. It’s great for presentations, websites, and logos as it’s clean and stylish in its simplicity.

Using basic colors and arranged letters, it looks classy, like magnificent architecture. The clean lines and simple look make it simple to look at and easy to understand, making it useful for many different designs.

Trend 14: Art Deco

Art Deco Banner
Source: Freepik

The Art Deco style, known for its thin gold lines and fancy lettering designs, is making a comeback on things like labels, party invitations, and branding for bars and restaurants. The design evokes Gatsby’s glamorous 20s era, adding a classy retro feel to today’s designs.

It’s like mixing the fancy style of the past with the modern look we love now. This combination creates a cool and charming atmosphere that many people find attractive because it is both stylish and nostalgic.

Trend 15: Gothic Typography

Source: Peter Ortiz

Using black letter and Gothic styles in streetwear, album covers, and prints makes designs unique and detailed. These bold styles stand out without needing lots of layers, so they make a big visual impact.

It proves that old styles are still cool even in modern designs when they are adapted to modern settings.

Bonus Trend: Bohemian and Mystic Style Design

Bohemian and Mystic Style Design
Source: Freepik

Bohemian and Mystic style is about using natural drawings, colorful text, and earthy colors. It’s really popular for things like cool shirts, unique stuff you can print on demand, and decorating homes.

People who like this style usually care about feeling connected to nature and staying healthy. It’s versatile and works well for different things, like making shirts, special items to print, and decorating your home.

This style is very effective because it brings a relaxed and artistic feeling to whatever it’s used for. This makes it suitable for those who want both creativity and peace.

Graphic Design Trends: 5 Tips to Stay Top

Whenever you deal with these graphic design trends, it’s imperative to consider the following factors:

1. Consumer vs. Graphic Design Trends: Learn the differences between trends appealing to consumers and those purely for design experimentation.

2. Intended Audience: Tailor design choices according to the target audience’s preferences and expectations.

3. Designing for Digital or Physical Use: Determine which trends would be suitable for digital and physical applications, then leverage their strengths.

4. Balancing Trend Adoption: Maintain a balance between timeless design elements and validate trends through research and consumer insights.

5. Use Tools like Kittl: Make use of platforms like Kittl which contain comprehensive design resources and are easy to use.

End Note

You’ll find here the coolest graphic design trends for 2024. This isn’t just a list, but rather a helpful map for designers! From funky shapes to nature-inspired designs, we show you a variety of designs that can be used in your work.

In addition to showing you what’s cool, we’re here to help you incorporate these styles into your own work. No matter what level of experience you have in graphics, we’ve got tips for making your work stand out.

Designing for 2024 isn’t just about following graphic design trends. It’s about mixing trendy stuff with timeless designs that people love. So, get ready to make your designs awesome!

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