Ideas for Creating Commissioned Art for Graphic Designers

Ideas for Creating Commissioned Art for Graphic Designers

You might be a great designer, but your skill is of no use unless you know how to utilize it to the fullest. The world is filled with graphic designers who do not know how to work to their full potential. But do not worry because we have the perfect solution to rescue you from the crowd! 

1. T-shirts

t-shirt- graphic designer

Graphic T-shirts have been around for ages and are here to stay. Be it, Princess Diana or Kim Kardashian, there is not a single soul left in the world who has been able to escape the bait set by this trend. Hence it is only fair that you indulge your graphic designer self and surrender your creativity to the art of designing T-shirts. This is a great way to sell your art and gives you an amazing platform to showcase your talent to the world. You can also create your little logo and get a lot of free advertisements for yourself through the sale of this T-shirt. This is undoubtedly the most ideal win-win situation. 

2. Mugs

mugs design

Mugs have always been number one in the list of cherished possessions. They say nothing in life can go wrong if you have the right mug on your desk! Mugs have been deemed appropriate by gift-giving and receiving societies for decades. Hence, creating vectors to be printed on mugs is a great idea. You can create portraits, cartoon characters, or characters from fan fiction. If vectors are not your forte, you can even design prints and patterns, and experiment with typography to write some famous quotes on the mug. This is most definitely the deal to steal!

3. Calendars, journals, diaries, and to-do lists

Calendars, journals, diaries, and to-do lists

How many times have you caught yourself looking at a calendar and yawning? While you may blame yourself for being lazy there is a high possibility that you are not excited to get out of bed and start work the next day because your calendars, to-do lists, and diaries look downright dull! But you have a chance to save the world from this terrible procrastination apocalypse by designing interesting calendars, journals, diaries, and to-do lists and get people pumped up to start with their daily chores. Moreover, you can also take commissioned work to design theme-based day planners to gain popularity in the business.

4. Phone covers

phone covers

You can never have one too many phone covers! Phones can’t be changed frequently, but phone cases and covers can. So give people a chance to feel fresh and new every time they look at their shabby old phones. What’s more, is that you can also design wallpapers that go along the phone covers. 

5. Stickers

stickers design

The sticker fever that had once been diagnosed on this planet has never seemed to have left to date. People all over the world are obsessed with stickers because they can make any boring surface look intriguing. Therefore, to brighten the world by designing quirky stickers. This is one way to save humanity from its doom!

6. Greeting cards

greeting cards

Who doesn’t love a lovely thoughtful greeting card? People love exchanging greeting times all the time. No matter what occasion it is, a greeting card is always a warm way to send well wishes. The world is a cradle of festivals and special occasions. It starts with New Year’s, speeds through birthdays, weddings, love proposals, and finally to Christmas or Hannukah, special events cover most days of the year. Hence designing a greeting card is not only a great way to express your creativity but also a great way to earn money.

7. Framed poster designs for walls, wall art stickers

Framed poster designs for walls, wall art stickers

The decor world is trending with framed designs and unique wall art. These two things are everywhere. Starting from big companies to small street cafes, people have been hiring designers to create framed poster designs and wall art. This is the new way to create a statement and ignite a spark in the monotony. Moreover, some people also look for a designer to create wall art for their barren walls at home. This is the best way to commercialize your art, where it is valued in its true authenticity.

There are immense opportunities to earn money for a graphic designer. You just need to widen your spectrum and conquer lesser-explored markets. Once you establish a name for yourself, remember to create a branding for your business with a suitable logo and a catchy name. Once this is done, market it in the right way, and history is yours. 


Nistha Jalan is a design student pursuing her career in Fashion Communication and Styling. Her eccentric behaviour loaded with curiosity is what makes her stand out amongst the crowd. Constantly looking for new opportunities to learn, she is also an avid reader, reading up her way into all the topics that one could find under the sun. Her witty remarks and quirks and her unique sense of perspective is a signature to all her works. It is her zeal for perfection that keeps her scouring until she finds satisfaction. Her passion for writing and graphic designing brought her aboard with Team DesignKiki.

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